Before you speak, ask yourself, is it kind, is it necessary, is it true, does it improve the silence?

- Sathya Sai Baba

Baptiste Power Yoga – A Brief Introduction

23 November 2020
Emma White

Having completed my 200 hour teacher training in Baptiste Inspired Power Flow, the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga System has a special place in my heart.   It has given me much inspiration for my own teaching, and forms a large part of my own practice.   For this first blog, I would like to give a brief introduction to some of the key principles of this style of yoga.   I invite you to keep these in mind during your next practice, and notice if there is any change to your approach!

The Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga System encourages us to enter a journey of self-enquiry and discovery on our yoga mats, so that we can develop a deeper understanding of ourselves, and as a result begin a process of self-growth (in both body and mind).   Unlike other forms of yoga, it doesn’t ask us to move and be in a certain ‘right’ way.   Instead, it tells us to express ourselves from our heart and to be who we really are in that moment, and to do what our body needs.   We are encouraged to let go of everything that is not authentically us, or is not helping us to be who we want to be, or do what we want to do.

The Baptiste system teaches the importance of having a positive mental attitude in the face of challenge, and of being open to confronting fears and approaching situations without preconceptions and judgements.   Its core philosophies are:

Be a Yes: meaning that we should set our sights on what we want to happen and then fully believe that we will make it happen.   Everything is possible!

Give up what you must: we should learn to notice and identify the fixed perceptions and positions that are holding us back, and be able to let these go.

Come from ‘You are ready now’: we should realise that this very moment is the only moment that matters, and the only moment in which we can act and make a difference.   Each moment therefore, should be an opportunity to confront a challenge and move towards a better self.

The Baptiste Power Vinyasa System is physically challenging, but is made up of simple postures, which can be further modified to make them accessible to anyone, whatever their background and experience in yoga.   This allows every one of us to continue to grow by constantly testing our boundaries, gradually building our strength, and slowly moving towards our next edge.

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“Emma is excellent at nurturing both the mind and body during the yoga sessions. I can come to one of her classes after a busy day of work and feel serene and strong.”

- Zoe