The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

- M. Gandhi

Alongside the teaching which I offer through Root to Rise, I am also part of the Yoga and Wellbeing teaching communities below.


Yoga Mapp is a fantastic online community of yoga teachers from across the globe, all offering different styles of yoga.   I teach as part of this community, alongside my fellow teachers, offering my classes to all who would like to start their yoga journey with me.

Here is how they introduce themselves:

Yoga Mapp is a virtual space where you can discover different styles of great yoga all in one place.   Choose livestream classes to work around you, wherever you may be.     Easily book and try classes hosted by teachers that we know are rated and loved.

Our aim is to find and share quality yoga, whilst personally connecting with yogis from around the world.   The difference with Yoga Mapp is that you curate your own practice.

“Yoga Mapp is a space for busy yogis caught up in the changing pressures of modern life, to find their perfect class with ease and practice in comfort.   Consider Yoga Mapp your new online yoga community, where you can connect with like-minded yogis, learn from teachers and grow with friends.” — Shruti Srivastava, Founder

It’s Mental

It’s Mental is a community of wellness coaches and professionals from across the UK which promotes wellbeing beyond the physical.   I have joined the team of coaches to offer the yoga and meditation as a means of improving mental and physical wellbeing.

Have a look at this short Mood Boost video, in which I talk about resilience, and how best to deal with any setbacks that we experience in life.

"Emma’s classes feature the optimal mix of well-established elements that remain the same, as well as different flows of postures with different levels of difficulty that allow me to push myself as hard as I like.”"

- Sarah


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