A man was asked, “what have you gained from meditation?

He replied “nothing!” However, let me tell you what I have lost: anger, anxiety,

depression, insecurity, fear of old age and death…


Meditation is an ancient practice that trains us to focus our attention and awareness, and to learn to observe and redirect our thoughts.

It is not about turning off our thoughts and feelings and sitting in emptiness.   Rather it is about learning to notice what thoughts and feelings are present in any moment, and being able to observe them without judgement.   We practise welcoming in all that shows up, and watching the mind as it dances from thought to thought or dives into memory or imagination.

Meditation is not about becoming a different person, or a better person.   Rather it is about embracing the people we are right now, and the stage that we are at in our lives.   It is about changing our perspective, and eventually finding greater clarity, balance and stability in our thoughts and emotional state.

Meditation is a skill that needs to be learnt.   It is like a muscle that has not been used before, so it takes consistent and regular practise to become comfortable.   It takes time to get comfortable with the mind.   There will be some days when it’s easy, and others when it’s hard. But that’s part of meditating.

Keep practising.

There is no such thing as a perfect meditation.   It is a practice.   When our focus wonders, or we forget our breath, that’s ok.   The very fact that we have taken the time to sit in stillness and notice this is enough.

The journey of meditation, and the experiences that go with it are far more important than the destination.


Meditation has a multitude of varied benefits, each supported by science.   When we establish a regular and consistent meditation practice, we are looking after our mental, physical and emotional health in ways that might not seem obvious at first.


Yoga Nidra (or 'Yogic Sleep') is a deeply relaxing practice which actually has more similarities to meditation than to a physical yoga class.   It is practised in a position of physical stillness, either lying or seated in a comfortable position, so is accessible to everyone.   All you need to do is listen to my voice as you are guided into the state between waking and dreaming, in which your nervous system is calm and stress and anxiety are reduced.

The practice of Yoga Nidra is extremely restful and is increasingly recognised for its benefits which include, but are not limited to, reduced worry and stress, improved sleep, increased self-awareness and creativity, and improved memory.   This effortless practice is said to be as restorative as sleep, and brings with it all of the powerful benefits of meditation and stress reduction.   Have a look at my blog post on Reducing Stress through Yoga Nidra for further details.   I would certainly recommend giving it a go to experience some of the benefits for yourself!

I offer weekly Yoga Nidra classes online.   For more details, and to book, please see my Schedule.

Yoga Nidra for Mental Health

Yoga Nidra is increasingly being recognised as a highly effective form of therapy for those suffering from Mental Health issues such as Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, OCD, Addiction, ADHD and Chronic Pain.

If you would like to find out more about this practice and how it could benefit you, please get in touch.

I offer private Yoga Nidra sessions tailored to you, as well as group classes in my weekly schedule.


I offer the following Meditation and Yoga Nidra classes as part of my online weekly schedule:

- Power Flow and Meditation (45 + 15 minutes)

- Yoga Nidra (30 minutes)

- Slow Flow and Yoga Nidra (35 + 25 minutes)

If you can’t see the class you are looking for, or cannot make the class at the scheduled time, please get in touch by email (emma@roottorise.co.uk), and I’ll see what I can do to make things work.

"Each class is a form of Yoga poetry, inspiring me to let the practice influence my thoughts, feelings and actions during the rest of my day."

- Laura


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