Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.

– Ronald E. Osborn


You’re here.   You’ve shown up.   You’ve made the first steps.

Now let’s dive in deeper.

All you need is a mat, an open mind, and a trust that the practice will guide you.

Take each step as it comes.

Have patience and start to flow.


Yoga is an ancient practice which has been passed down from generation to generation over the millennia.   The very fact that it has withstood the test of time is a true testament to its power and the multitude of benefits which it can bring.

The main components of a physical yoga practice are the postures (asanas) and the breath.  We seek to combine the two into a flowing sequence designed to improve strength, flexibility and balance whilst stilling the mind and deepening the breath.

The benefits of yoga go beyond the physical – that’s why it’s so addictive!   It allows us to find our own clarity of mind and place of peace amidst the bustle and stresses of our busy modern lives.

A regular practice of yoga leads to increased energy, vitality and general wellbeing.   If that’s not enough, here are just a few more proven benefits to encourage you onto the mat!   For more detail on the benefits of yoga, andhow it can promote both physical and mental wellbeing, please see my blog here.

Runner & Cyclist

I’ve experienced huge benefits in terms of core strength, greater flexibility and an enhanced mental focus.


After trying yoga online during lockdown, my core strength has increased.  The result was a definite improvement in my golf swing.

Office Worker

After a long day sitting at a desk, yoga helps me to re-connect with my body and clear my mind of all the stresses of the day.

Beginner’s Workshop Series – Building Strong Foundations


Would you like to give yoga a go but feel daunted and a little intimidated at the prospect of diving straight into a full beginner’s class?

Would you like to have the time and space in which to learn how to move your body confidently through a simple yoga sequence?

Would you like to learn a little more about what you can expect from a yoga class at Root to Rise, and start to experience the benefits of a weekly practice?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then I’d love to have you at our next series of beginner’s workshops!

Over the course of these six sessions I will guide you through the key postures which can be found in most simple yoga sequences, with the intention that by the end of the six weeks, you will have the confidence and ability to join one of my beginner’s flow classes, or even a power flow!

‘I loved the themed sessions, the drishtis and your inspiring story at the end.   After the sessions I felt very calm and physically balanced, just as one would hope from a good yoga class.

Really happy I did the course which answered a lot of questions that I had when doing the (occasional) yoga class and will help with my confidence doing future classes.’

- Astrid


This workshop series is made up of 6 weekly sessions, each of 1 hour, which build on each other from one week to the next.   It is recommended that you join at Week 1 and attend each session to achieve maximum benefit.

I am limiting the group size to just four students (online) or eight students (in-person) to ensure that I can give each of you the attention and support which you need to try out this new activity, explore your body and have some fun in the process!

My intention is that by the end of the six weeks you will have the confidence and ability to join one of my beginner’s flow classes, or even a power flow!

Start Date and Time of Next Online Workshop Series: Returning back in the Autumn 2021 (please email me to express your interest).

Online Cost: £12 per session. 6 x 1 hour sessions. But you are able to join the first session as a one-off for £10.*

Start Date and Time of Next In-Person Workshop Series: Tuesday 18th May 2021, 5 – 6pm.

Location of Next In-Person Workshop Series: St Michaels & All Angels Community Centre, Barnes (39 Elm Bank Gardens, London SW13 0NX)

In-Person Cost: £15 per session. 6 x 1 hour sessions. But you are able to join the first session as a one-off for £15.*

*I know that it is hard to commit to spending money on an activity which you are not even sure that you will enjoy!   This is why I welcome everyone who is interested to attend Session 1 for £10 (online) / £15 (in-person).   If you would like to continue, then full remaining payment for the course is required.   This is £60 (online) or £75 (in-person).   If you would prefer to pay weekly, please let me know and arrangements can be made.


I will start each session, as I would a yoga class, with a short period of grounding meditation.

I will introduce you to the technique of ujjayi breathing, which is used throughout any power flow practice.

Together we will work through a simple sequence of key postures, taking our time to break down each one, to include:

I will guide you on how to alter your positioning, if necessary, and will give you tips on how to self-assist in poses to ensure your correct alignment and to deepen the postures.  I will provide physical assists (if and when covid restrictions allow).

I will explain the key terms which you might hear your teacher use during your class, including drishti, tapas, bandhas and vinyasa.

Prior to each session you will receive a document demonstrating the poses that we will be covering, with the key points for you to consider when in each pose.  These will be yours to keep and refer to as you choose.

To secure your place, please email emma@roottorise.co.uk to express your interest and let me know a bit about yourself and why you have signed up.


All of my classes are open to all levels of experience.   Variations to poses and options will be given so that you need only go where you are comfortable.

For a slower pace, and a greater focus on postural alignment perfect for beginners, I recommend starting with Flow Foundations.

‘Root down to rise up!’ We all need to start somewhere, and where better than with our foundations.   Perfect for complete beginners and experienced yogis alike, these classes will take you through a grounding flow, breaking down each pose to emphasise safe and strong alignment.

A slower-paced, mindful sequence of simple poses with the guidance you need to master the basics and start to synchronise your breath with movement.   An encouraging, safe space to build confidence, increase competence and give yoga a go.


"Emma creates a warm, welcoming online environment and gives very specific feedback that has helped me to improve my technique."

- Talitha


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